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SLeep & Mother-Baby Regulation



The purpose of this study is to learn more about the risk factors that affect the emotional health of women during pregnancy and following childbirth. We want to understand how stressful childhood experiences and problems sleeping affect women’s immune systems and emotional health, as well as how well babies sleep.




This study involves 3 visits: 

30 weeks pregnant

You will complete an enrollment survey online and learn how to keep a sleep diary to track your sleep. After the discussing study procedures with one of our team members, you will fill out the sleep diary everyday for 4 days, which should take 15 minutes or less each time. We also might ask you to track you and your baby's sleep using devices that we provide. Our team would be looking at how your sleep diaries align with the data from the sleep tracking devices. 


6 weeks postpartum

At 6 weeks postpartum, you will complete a shorter follow-up survey online and have your blood drawn. At the visit, we will collect 12ml or about 2.5 teaspoons of blood drawn from your arm. We need to collect your blood because we are looking at levels of inflammation and immune function to understand the effects of stress on your body, which can affect your sleep, your mood, and your baby’s health.  

We will try to coordinate this visit with your follow-up appointment with your OB-GYN, or we will meet you at your home and have trained staff draw your blood. 

16 weeks postpartum​

You will complete another follow-up survey online, review the sleep diary protocol to track your sleep, and learn how to keep a sleep diary to track your baby's sleep.  Then, you will fill out the sleep diary for you and for your baby everyday for 4 days, which should take no more than 30 minutes each time. Additionally, we might have you track you and your baby's sleep with devices. 


You will receive a reloadable debit card. When you finish each part of the study, money will be loaded onto your research debit card. If you participate in all parts of the study, you will paid at the following times:


$10 for completing the survey

$20 for completing the sleep diary ($5 for each day completed).

$15 for using an electronic sleep tracker. 


6 weeks postpartum:

$30 for completing a short survey and blood draw.

16 weeks postpartum:

$10 for completing the survey.

$20 for completing a sleep diary for you ($5 for each day completed).

$20 for completing a sleep diary for your baby ($5 for each day completed).

$15 for using an electronic sleep tracker. 

Bonus Drawing:

If you complete all four days/nights of the sleep diary, you will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win $25. We will hold a drawing every 8 weeks for those who completed the diary in that time period. You will be notified by email if you are our winner.


Who can participate?

Pregnant mothers over the age of 18 and less than 30 weeks pregnant can enroll in the study.

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