CAMP Lab Alumnae

Mira Armans, Ph.D.

Pictur of Mira

Mira is a recent graduate from the Oklahoma State University Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program working with Dr. Ciciolla and is the first CAMP Lab Alumnae! Following graduation, she accepted a post-doc position as a Pediatric Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow at Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando, FL. Mira finished her internship at Mailman Center for Child Development in August 2020. While at OSU, she was nominated as the Psychological Services Associate of the Year and has always been dedicated to her clinical work. Mira’s research interests broadly involve the impact of parenting strategies and parent-child interactions on child behavior and socioemotional development, cross-cultural approaches to understanding children and families, and risk and resilience factors impacting child development and family functioning. Her thesis and dissertation examined parenting support and discipline strategies among American Indian families and peer victimization, respectively. During her undergraduate career, Mira graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2014 with a BS in Psychology and an honor’s thesis examining parenting styles, and individuation, acculturation, and mental health in an Arabic-speaking emerging-adults sample.

Past Lab Members


Alexandria Cooper


Alexandria Cooper is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Oklahoma State University working towards receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in American Sign Language. She is interested in the psychopathology of mothers and the effects it has on the mental health of the child. She is passionate about mental health awareness and breaking the negative stigma around it. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school and receive her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is excited to work in Dr. Ciciolla’s lab and gain valuable knowledge about research procedures! 

Mary Kate Dykes


Mary Kate Dykes is a senior research assistant in the CAMP lab at Oklahoma State University

and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After completing her undergraduate degree,

Mary Kate is working at LIBRE Brain Institute in Tulsa and plans to attend graduate school to earn a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. She is most interested in researching risk and resilience factors within the context of pediatric illnesses, particularly related to parent-child relationships. Outside of the CAMP lab, Mary Kate was also a research assistant for the Pediatric Psychology Behavioral Health lab, member of Psi Chi, student of the Honors College, a fellow of the American Indians into Psychology program,and a McNair Scholar at OSU.

McKenzie Park


McKenzie Park graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology at Oklahoma State University. She is interested in the effect that childhood trauma has on a child's development, and hopes to further her education by attending a doctorate program in Clinical Psychology with a specification in childhood trauma psychology. She spent a summer at a voluntary internship at a foster care agency gaining knowledge about the system and children living with trauma by shadowing placement specialists at the facility in their daily duties. McKenzie was eager to work in Dr. Ciciolla's lab to gain more experience in the lab and build her knowledge in the field of trauma psychology

Sami Simon


Sami Simon graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies at Oklahoma State University. She is attending University of Denver's Counseling Psychology Master's program and is interested in psychopathology, specifically anxiety and depression in LGBTQ+ adolescents.

Haley Miller


Jordan Cazenave


Jordan Cazenave graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, a Pre-Nursing Certificate, and a minor in Child Development from Oklahoma State University in Spring 2020. She is interested in child development and obstetrics and hopes to further her education by attending nursing school with a specification in neonatal or maturity nursing. She has been gaining valuable experience in patient care by shadowing nurses at Stillwater Medical Center’s emergency department and intensive care unit. In addition to shadowing, she is also certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED training. Jordan was eager to work in Dr. Ciciolla’s lab to gain research experience and expand her knowledge in the field!

Irene De La Torre

Irene De La Torre graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy with an Honors distinction. She was in multiple honor society’s including Psi Chi, an international honor society in Psychology. She is interested in the development of psychopathology in children adolescents and hopes to assist with the development of new prevention methods that would foster healthy development. Her future plans include obtaining a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with the goal of opening her own outpatient clinic. Irene is excited to learn and gain research experience that will help her achieve her career goals.

Eliza Godfrey


Eliza Godfrey received her bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Science at Oklahoma State University in Spring 2020. She is interested in the medical field and her future plans include attending nursing school and receiving her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. Eliza spends her time volunteering in the ER at St. John’s Hospital in Tulsa and performing blood draws for Dr. Ciciolla’s lab. Eliza is extremely optimistic about this study and cannot wait to gain more knowledge and experience with the CAMP lab team!

Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell transferred to Oklahoma State University Spring of 2018 as a junior Psychology major. He has gained valuable experience working with children as a volunteer at the National Institute on Developmental Delays and as a Mental Health Tech at Shadow Mountain Behavior Health Systems in Intensive Therapeutic Services. He is interested in studying the affects that different parenting styles have on the growth and development of children. After graduation, Michael plans on furthering his academic career by pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He looks forward to gaining a firm understanding of research procedures through Dr. Ciciolla's lab!

Sky Triece


Sky graduated from Oklahoma State University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Zoology e in Fall 2020. He will be attending Antioch University to get his Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. His current interests are looking at the role risk, race, and family instability play in the development of depression in college. Additionally, his senior thesis examined the role of optimism as a protective factor against depression. His future career plans are to work as a child psychologist working with children who have been through the foster care system or have experienced other forms of instability.

Lauren Warr

Lauren Warr obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Oklahoma State University. She is interested in psychopathology, specifically the onset and origin of anxiety and depressive disorders in children and adolescents. During her time at OSU, Lauren has become a member of the Habitat For Humanity Club and enjoys spending her time volunteering at the Habitat For Humanity Restore on weekends. Lauren plans to attend graduate school to earn a PhD in clinical psychology. She looks forward to working in Dr. Ciciolla’s lab and gaining an understanding of the research process!


Rhema Baissa

Picture of Rhema

Rhema Baissa was a research assistant in CAMP lab until Spring 2018 and graduated in the Fall 2019. He plans on starting a Master's for Marriage & Family Therapy in the fall of 2020. He was the Psychology Student of the month in September of 2018 as well. He is interested in marriage and family literature and hopes to gain more research and clinical experience within this field at his time at OSU.  He is looking forward to gaining experience working with and further exploring family units, while pursuing his future career goals.

Anisah Beasley

Anisah Beasely was a CAMP lab research assistant pursuing an undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Sciences with minor in Psychology. She has a passion for the social work field and plans to pursue a career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker after graduate school. Anisah is particularly interested in mental health and disordered eating and is excited to see what she can learn as a part of Dr. Ciciolla's lab team.

Lauren Koetting

Lauren Koetting graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Psychology in December 2019. She is interested in how child/adolescent development affects the school system, as well as how psychological testing and interventions can assist in helping an individual educationally and behaviorally. Currently, Lauren is the Membership Coordinator and Faculty Liason for the international honor society Psi Chi, and volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters. She plans on attending graduate school in School Psychology. She is excited to gain valuable research experience in Dr. Ciciolla’s CAMP lab.

Hannah Scott


Hannah Scott was a Psychology student receiving her Bachelor’s at Oklahoma State University. Hannah is interested in maternal mental health studies,  parent child relational studies in cases of domestic violence within the immediate family, and Personal Construct Psychology. Hannah hopes to gain further experience studying maternal mental health, and risk factors that affect the mental health of women during pregnancy while working in Dr. Ciciolla's lab. After completion of her undergraduate degree in May 2019, Hannah hopes to attend a postgraduate program for a Master of Social Work abroad. Hannah is incredibly enthusiastic about the opportunity to work in the CAMP lab under Dr. Ciciolla and her staff for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

Mel Sokolowski


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Melanie Sokolowski was a 2019 graduate of OSU’s Psychology Department. She assisted in CAMP lab for two years and now plans to attend the University of Oklahoma to continue her education in the Masters of Social Work program on the Norman campus. Melanie wants to continue to assist in research labs and also do her own research, her interests include: the effects maternal miscarriage has on the development of surviving siblings, Client-centered therapy as a treatment for clients that have been exposed to trauma, specifically domestic violence and sexual assault, Children's psychophysiology and stress reactivity in regard to their exposure to adverse life circumstances, specifically domestic violence, sexual assault, and fatal diagnoses. Her goal is to work in the social work field as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and then return to school to earn her PhD in social work.


Jessi Beebe

Sierra Fouts

Courtney Hartman

Shelbie Seney