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Impact of Protective Factors and Adverse Childhood Experiences on College Students' Health and Well-Being


This study explores the relationship between stressful events during childhood and health and well-being outcomes during adulthood. We are interested in learning  about the role of certain risk and protective factors on health outcomes in a sample of college students. We want to study what kinds of factors help individuals deal with stressful life events, as well as those that may be harmful towards improving overall functioning.


This information will be helpful for researchers and clinicians to determine the impact of particular health outcomes of individuals who have experienced adverse childhood experience such as trauma or abuse.


  • X Mother-Infant Dyads Enrolled 


  1. Ciciolla, L., Addante, S., Quigley, A., Erato, G., Fields, K. (2022). Infant sleep and negative reactivity: The role of maternal adversity and perinatal sleep. Infant Behavior and Development, 66.

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